Who Loves Speeding Tickets? Not Me!

Donít you just hate speeding tickets? I have probably been pulled over so many times, I canít even begin to tell you. Itís a pain in the rear. Half of the times yes, I was actually speeding. I am not the biggest fan of traffic tickets and I hate having to go into court just to battle the issues. Talk about taking all of my precious time away. So I want to give you some advice when it comes to speeding, so you can slow down and not pick up a ticket. They get put on your record and your insurance rates go up. Who wants that? Count me out of that.

So here are some tips that I have for you to avoid these speeding tickets. And keep in mind that sometimes the police set up speed traps just to get you. Obviously, slow down if youíre going fast! Abide by the speed limit. I know it can be hard to do, but think about the consequences. You could get into an accident, then that would really mess things up. Sometimes youíll get a traffic warning but even that you want to avoid. Itís just not worth the hassle. On top of all that, your insurance rates will go sky high and no one likes to overpay for auto insurance.

Watch out for school zones. Cops love to hide behind trees and places where you canít see them. If they catch you speeding through a school zone, boy are you in trouble. The rates are often doubled. You have to check with your state. A few years back I was in Texas and I got a ticket for doing 35 mph in a 20 mph school zone. Donít quote me on it but if my memory serves me correct, that fine was well over $300. Ouch! A steep fine to pay for being in a hurry. So time yourself accordingly, know your routes and avoid school zones if youíre driving fast. Like I said, cops love it because they know that the average person is not going to be fully aware until itís too late to slow down.

Another reason why itís so inconvenient for me to get a ticket, and Iíve got lots of themÖ is defensive driving. I really donít want to take defensive driving classes just to lower my insurance rate. But the court will often dismiss the ticket off your record, say in 90 days, if you maintain a clean driving record during the duration of your probation. Speeding tickets are a huge inconvenience and I donít recommend anyone going for it!

Speeding Tickets